Sponsoring New Members

Steps for new members

Rotary Club of Bentonville Club #2432

Step 1

A member proposes a candidate for membership to the Board, or another Club proposes one of its transferring or former members.

Step 2

The prospective member shall be informed of the purposes of Rotary and the privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Club. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member to do this.

Step 3

The prospective member shall be requested to complete and submit an application for membership with a check for $25 and give his or her permission for his or her name to be published to the Club.

Link to the Online Application form for Noon Club


Download New Member Application here (PDF)

For Satellite Club:

Download the Satellite Club Member Information Form (PDF)

Step 4

The prospective member is invited to attend the meetings for three (3)
readings. If no written objection to the proposal is made within 10 days following publication of the name of the prospective member, stating reasons, is received by the Board from any member of the Club, the prospective member, upon payment of his or her application fee of $25 shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Step 4.1 - (Only if objections)

If any objection has been filed with the Board, it shall consider the same at any regular or special meeting of the Board and shall ballot on the proposed member. If not to exceed two (2) negative votes are cast by the members of the Board in attendance at such regular or special meeting, the proposed member, upon payment of the application fee shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Step 5

Following the member’s election to membership as herein provided, the Club secretary shall issue a membership pin to the member and shall report his or her name to RI. The member shall be formally introduced as a new member at a regular meeting of the Club.

*This policy is from the Rotary Club of Bentonville Bylaws as adopted March 2018

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